Many businesses choose to outsource their services to a third party company. Strategically speaking this is a clever move: as an organization, you have more time to focus on the core business activities. Moreover, you will be able to chase opportunities when they arise. Executing your sales in-house is thought to be a necessary evil. However, this does not have to be the case. Outsourcing sales is a good choice and does not have to be difficult, provided that you outsource your sales activities to a highly educated and result-driven call-center.

Sales outsourcing at Professional Profit Growth

Outsourcing sales- and marketing activities increase the focus within your company. At the same time, your sales leads will be handled more effectively and efficiently by our highly educated and intensively trained call-center team. Even more, this will increase the conversion from leads, and with that your sales. Due to ten years of experience in telemarketing, we have become experts in leads and sales optimization and reporting. Above all, our qualified team is both customer- and results-driven, which translated into high customer satisfaction and good conversions. These combined will help to increase your sales.

At Professional Profit Growth we can take care of both your sales- and marketing activities. What is more, we can start at short notice and can even start within a week after receiving your customer files. Besides following up on (warm) leads, we have acquired enough knowledge to take care of your after-sales trajectory. In other words, this means that your customers can contact us with pressing matters. This way, you can focus on more important matters. At Professional Profit Growth, you can outsource your entire sales traject without hesitation. Lastly, with our comprehensive knowledge about (after) sales and quality telemarketing, we increase your sales, while you focus on other important practices of your business.

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